Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1st Day of School

Today was our first day back to school and to our normal routines again and I think overall the day went as smoothly as it could go. For Colin and Kailey, we had prepared for this day for awhile by talking about it a lot. Colin is dependent on and feels most comfortable when he knows what is coming next and what to anticipate. To help with our morning routine and transition, I created a visual schedule for both Colin and Kailey so they knew what Chris and I expected of them when they got up in the morning. They both followed them really well and enjoyed taking the cards off (they are velcroed on) as they completed each task.

Cody, on the other hand, struggled a bit more. I don't think he was quite ready to get up (he had been up at 5 and we got him back asleep in our bed) but with all the chaos in getting ready, he woke up as well. It took him awhile before he would even crack a smile but once we got him going, he slowly came around a bit.  

Kailey was the most excited and she couldn't wait to get walking to the bus stop and head to school. I could tell that Colin was happy and ready to go, but he also had his "nervous face" (his lips get tight and he almost looks like he's going to cry) and was especially irritable at times (more when the rest of us weren't doing things EXACTLY how he wanted us to).

We  made sure we had everyone organized earlier than needed so that we could take some pictures outside and get to the bus stop with plenty of time. The bus stop is a new routine for us so we also had to do some talking about this as well.

We were really happy with the bus driver as she was really nice and had remembered seeing Colin in the past. She helped ease our worries with Colin's transition (which went great!). We had a whole plan in place that included the kids sitting together and that didn't happen either way which also meant that both Colin and Kailey were comfortable with that. We are also incredibly lucky this year because one of our neighbors and friends from church will be getting Colin and Kailey off of the bus every day so now they will just be able to be home and relax until I get home every day. It is such a nice relief to have that opportunity for them!

We are happy with our first day and all were exhausted so hoping for a continuation through the rest of the week! 

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