Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break: The Finale

On Thursday, I met my parents at the Turtle Back Zoo. The kids were excited to go although Colin was acting a bit more fearful of the animals than normal. He's always been that way and doesn't want to go too close, but this time, he wasn't interested in looking from afar at certain exhibits. 

They all thoroughly enjoyed the train ride and couldn't wait to get on. They very patiently waited until it came.

It was fun watching Cody because he was very intrigued by the whole ride and the scenery. He had the cutest look on his face as he was checking everything out.

Thursday night, Colin had Karate and thankfully my sister watched Cody and Kailey for me because Cody is too hard to bring there. He wants to be out there participating himself and because it coincides with dinner time, by the end he is very difficult. In addition, Colin is still in a place where he really wants us paying close attention, so if Cody is drawing our attention away, then it distracts Colin at times.

Friday was our errand day. We had some things to take care of like getting Colin's glasses fixed (one pair is currently missing in the house and the backup pair was sitting crooked on his face), picking up the party favors for Kailey's birthday party, and a few other stops.

Originally, we were going to stop at Colin's school to play on the playground but when we were headed there it started to rain so we didn't make it until the afternoon.

Colin was eager to show everyone where he plays for recess and Kailey and Cody had fun exploring. Kailey was sure to remind me that next year, she would also be playing for recess in the same spot.

Here is a perfect example of Cody needing to do everything the other two are doing (and I was shocked I barely needed to hold on!)...

Spring break also brought us some sleep troubles with Cody as he managed to crawl out of the crib onto the dresser next to it. Because we aren't ready for him to be able to get out of the bed by taking off the front, we decided to take a suggestion and turn the crib around so the higher part is facing out. However, we are currently listening to him voice his displeasure about it as he is screaming from his room.

On Saturday, we finally celebrated Kailey's birthday with a Karate party at the same place Colin goes. The kids had so much fun and she really enjoyed having a day for her. 

Today, we finished the week with a playdate with my childhood friends. It went from being the four of us, to the eight of us once we all got married, to the NINETEEN of us with the addition of all of our kids...all 6 girls and 5 boys of them. 
We finished our afternoon finalizing some things for the start back to school and work. As much as I am not ready for that, I think we all need our normal routine back again. It sure has been a great week! 


Cody was excited for his first fudgesicle