Wednesday, December 9, 2015

O' Christmas Tree

Despite Colin not feeling 100% like himself, we still wanted to get the Christmas tree up and decorated before it felt like it got too late (we like to enjoy our trees for awhile before Christmas but it comes down pretty quickly after Christmas). We weren't able to swing it before the surgery, so we got the tree on Monday and put the lights on but we did not decorate it until yesterday. 

Each year seems to feel better than the last in terms of the excitement surrounding Christmas. From the moment the kids realized we had the tree, they have been staring in awe at it and will still call us into the living room just to show us again.

Ever since Chris and I first started decorating a tree together, we have been collecting special ornaments that have been gifts to each other or from friends and family through the years. Our special ornaments now include the homemade ones from the kids. I make sure I make a note on the box or package with the year and who it was from because it is just as exciting for me to take out each ornament and remember where it came from and what it means to us. I can imagine that as this collection grows, it will become even more fun with each year that passes. The kids would ask about each one and exhibited the same excitement.

Now that the tree is up and decorated, I love the glow it gives to our living room and the feelings that I have walking into that room. I know they all feel the same way, especially since Kailey was up before me the other morning and I found the Christmas tree lights on and her sound asleep on the couch.

Some traditions always remain the same with the angel going on first followed by the special balls with each of our names on it and then everything else.

Cody even got the idea and made an attempt with his ornament this year.

I can't wait for all that this holiday season has yet to bring!

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