Monday, August 17, 2015

Cody is 11 Months

When I was making the picture above for instagram and facebook, I couldn't believe how much Cody's expression really represented his personality as a whole these days. While I love snuggling a newborn baby, I truly love this age because of how rapidly things change and I really enjoy watching those changes take place as they are learning new things. 

Cody is the most active baby we have had at this age and he really is a happy and easy going little boy. While he has a pretty set eating and sleeping schedule, we are often disrupting it slightly and he still goes with the flow. He absolutely LOVES the water and enjoys being on the beach. The other day when it was low tide, he was crawling around in the water and then would throw himself onto his stomach like he was body surfing.

He still eats MOST things that he is offered, however, we are noticing that if he has certain things too often or too many times in a row, he will act as though he doesn't like it anymore so we have to be better about changing it up.

For the first time, we have to be really careful about where he is and what he's doing because he gets into EVERYTHING. Some of his favorites are the toilet, the drawers in the bedrooms, and the cabinets under the sinks.

He started picking up on some basic signs like "more" and "all done" and he will use them when prompted. He will come towards your face with an open mouth when you ask for a kiss and is trying to repeat some of the words that are spoken to him. He says hi dad, momma, up, and copies most sounds (especially when the other 2 are yelling).  

He pulls up to stand on everything and will cruise along furniture, but hasn't quite figured out how to stand up independently without holding on to anything (although he gets onto his knees a lot and tries to go up). He will walk while holding your hands (and laughs while doing so) or using a push toy.

He's such a fun little boy to have around and can't believe we are quickly approaching him being a year old!

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