Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monmouth Hawks Basketball

It's hard to believe that we blinked and the fall is over already.  Now that our "winter" season has started, it also means that basketball season is upon us, one of the things that Colin really enjoys attending.  While I wasn't crazy about going to the basketball game on a school night, I wanted to bring the kids to see Chris since he's been working so much and the next home game won't be for a few weeks.  

I attempted a quick dinner on the way by myself with the kids and I'm not so sure I'll be doing THAT again any time soon.  

Colin was really excited when we got to the Hawks basketball game but I could tell that he was wearing his nervous face.  I think that he has to adjust to this kind of environment again and I also think that he was pretty tired from school and then feeding therapy today.  Kailey was also excited, but sat calmly as soon as she got her bucket of popcorn.  

The thing that I am going to find to be the most difficult this season is the fact that Colin could sit and watch the game but Kailey does nto have the patience to do the same.  Fortunately, there are areas for them to run around and lots of other kids as well.   

 Here's to another basketball season!

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