Monday, May 27, 2013

Change is Never Easy

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally known down here at the "shore" as the official start to the summer.  And while this post will focus primarily on that, I did want to take a moment to acknowledge the REAL reason for Memorial Day weekend and to be thankful for the service that our past and current troops have done to ensure our freedom and safety.  I am grateful for all that 3 of my grandparents have done and for all of our veterans.  Thank you...

Ever since I was two months old, my parents have been taking me to the beach.  The length of time has changed through the years and then it only became natural that I would eventually end up here.  It's funny how life works out that way.  I've never seen the kind of changes that Superstorm Sandy brought with it to this area and driving through today on our way to the beach, I was reminded of all of that.  I cried again to see how much the area has changed and although it's been great to see the things that have been done to restore the communities, there is still so much left without any visible progress.  While I am grateful that my family was not impacted in the same ways, it's still difficult to see my place with so much change.  So, things will be a bit different this summer, but I'll be thankful for the things we will still be able to do.  

It's been a rough week for Kailey as it seems that she's got teeth on the move again.  My child literally looks like she's been possessed by the devil during these weeks of incoming teeth.  She's happy one second and then the next is throwing herself on the ground in utter craziness.  

Hopefully we will start to see this darn tooth pop through soon and we can get our loving daughter back! 

Happy start to summer and most especially, Happy Memorial Day!

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Elise Linda said...

Hi, Just found your blog thru chilli tribe. I am looking forward to reading and sharing ideas about ds. I have a ten year old son with ds. I started a blog about him. Your kids are adorable. Elise