Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Almost 3!

Our baby is almost 3! This means that we are now just starting the process of Child Study Team meetings with our local school district for Colin's transition to preschool in April.  Can I just say YIKES!?

We had our second meeting today of several to determine if Colin is eligible for the preschool program (obviously he is eligible as we were told several times) .  After a quick introduction, we were fired at with many questions about the things Colin is and is not doing.  I was a little annoyed at first because I felt like we could have been asked questions about who he is first before we went right into the things he can and can't do.  However, thanks to Chris' sense of humor and ability to lighten up any situation, I started to feel a little bit more at ease (after there were a few bouts of laughter at his comments and jokes lightening up the atmosphere).  The one question I have the hardest time with is how many words we think Colin can say and use.  I've never tried keeping a list because Colin can say lots of words and we hear lots of new ones every day.  However, overall, it wasn't too bad and we will need to bring Colin to three different sets of evaluations: Battelle (measuring different areas of development), speech, and then eventually gross and fine motor.

Despite this process feeling a bit overwhelming, I am really excited for Colin to start preschool as I think it will be great for him and meeting his needs.

One thing I was really excited to share with the team is the fact that Colin is walking since things like walkers and wagons were brought up the last time since he WASN'T walking.  He is on the move and it still makes me smile to see him walking all over the place.  It just makes me SO HAPPY.  Every day when we get home, Colin gets out of the car, walks into the garage, and right to his own car.  He loves it!

Kailey is getting into everything herself and is a little trouble maker.  However, what makes me smile is when you find her over by the bookshelves just flipping through the pages of the books.  She is so gentle when she does it.

...And just some fun pictures from dinner today.


Rochelle said...

He will be the cutest preschooler ever and will knock their socks off!

Nana said...

So many changes and challenges! I got caught up tonight on all 3 posts and all the pictures are so cute!! You are right, there are many ups and downs but Colin has come a long way!! Both Colin and Kailey are so much fun!

Jenny said...

I can't believe he is turning THREE soon!! I started following your blog before he was two and I have so enjoyed watching him grow :)