Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandad!!

Today is Colin's Grandad's 55th Birthday!! They came down to celebrate today since we are still waiting for baby #2!

Colin and Grandad love playing together...Happy Birthday Grandad!

We hope you had a fun day today!!

We love you!! xoxoxoxoxo


randy said...

Lucky Grandad - Colin kisses and cake too! Happy Birthday - and next year I will just bet Grandad won't mind sharing a bit of his b'day celebration with "baby" Tobin!

Monica said...

Boy is he cute! I just love his smile and that hair style is super "big boy". I can't wait to hear of your newest arrival and how Colin does with the new baby. John Michael adores Luke now (it took a couple months) and loves to kiss and hug him. Of course, sometimes he pushes him over, too, but there's more love than not. Best wishes for a safe delivery!

patsy said...

awww... so sweet kissing his grandad! the header pic it too cute :)