Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small Changes

One of the things I always expected when I started this journey was that I would see BIG changes happen with Colin, especially in his gross motor development. I just kept thinking early on that he would get to a point where all of a sudden he would roll over, or all of a sudden he would sit independently, or all of a sudden crawl. Over time I realized that while achieving milestones is a BIG thing, they don't necessarily happen right before your eyes in an instant.

I know that all children have adjustment periods when it comes to change, especially with solid foods, switching to a different type of cup, milk, etc. Early on I just figured that it would just happen when we wanted to switch Colin to solids and when we first tried cereal, it did happen quickly. When we started with the pureed fruits and vegetables, he did very well. However, as we started to get into foods with more textures, our obvious difficulties began.

I think that one of the most frustrating things we have dealt with is the feeding issues. When we started with textured foods with Colin, he would blow raspberries because he wanted nothing to do with it. He always found a way to spit chunks out. We are still struggling with self feeding.

But....lately, there seems to be light shining through on this! Instead of seeing a big change happen all of a sudden, I have been noticing lots of little changes that have been taking place when it comes to feeding.

...slowly over time, the raspberries stopped.

...slowly, he is starting to accept "table foods" like mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, small pieces of chicken or meat, crushed up veggies, cheese, fruit, etc. We still need to give baby food to make sure he is getting enough calories, but we are able to give less and less.

...slowly, with assistance he is putting things in his mouth like pretzel rods, and the spoon with some food on it (with LOTS of assistance), fudge pops (only a tiny bit...that he wants to be hand fed! ha!).

Instead of trying to see a big change, I look harder and I am seeing his small accomplishments. I remembered that I had to pull back a little bit and look a little deeper and voila! Things are changing in the right direction, just a little bit at a time!

In the 1st video you will see that Colin is keeping the food in his mouth (mostly) which is a big accomplishment AND that he is assisting me put the spoon into his mouth...

The 2nd video is just his giggles for fun!


Nana said...

Kelli - Mr. Lightcap was right 17 years ago! You are a great writer!! That was so insightful and right on the mark!! It's always so difficult as a parent to take a step back and be patient with our child's accomplishments and no matter how hard we try not to, we always look at other children. Colin is a beautiful little boy and we love him soooo much! He is loved by so many and has given life and pleasure to so many people!! The joy he has spread in his short little life is more of an accomplishment than any gross or fine motor skill. All the work that you and Chris have put into Colin and the love you have given him has shown in his daily life!! God bless you all!! My heart bursts with love for you all!! Love, Mom/Nana P.S. I just LOVE the videos!!!

Rochelle said...

So glad to see his accomplishments and to celebrate them with you.

Kelly said...

YEAH, Colin!! You rock....we MUST have a dinner date:) Oh the fun you and Landon would have!! Oh Kelli, I so know where your coming from with this post. But our little cherubs are just cruising along....just as the should......and we get to celebrate EVERY single step of the way.....and who doesn't like a good celebration?!!

Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

Oh I love a good baby belly laugh! So stinkin cute! And I love watching him doing so great with eating! A great perspective, so true. The small things really add up to such big things in the end!

Jenny said...

Ahhh, I needed to read a post like this!! I think thats what I have been doing with Russell, just expecting these "big" things to just happen right before my eyes...I think I need to slow down and maybe look a little deeper and see the small stuff and know that everything will happen in time...Russell time :)
Great post, thank you!

balletgirl913 said...

i love baby laughs....he just made my day better :)

Anonymous said...

Such patience and love! Congratulations on even the small accomplishments; they all add up! And thanks for sharing the giggles. How could anyone see and hear that and not smile?! Colin always makes my day.

-- Maureen

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

this was a great are so right it is small changes...that is what I need to get with is not just right now! like I want it to be...her rasberries are still powerful! and unexpected! but now she does it with a smile...I am struggling with her eating...I want so much for her to eat what we are eating..and it is not happening...thank you for reminding me... Maddie time...not my time!! smiles